10 reasons to be part of our team

Why join Petal over any other company? In this article, we've collected our top 10 reasons why Petal is a great workplace. 


1. Inspiring mission 

At Petal, you're giving back to your community. By joining our team, you will improve the health care system. To contribute to its revolution, you don't have to be a healthcare professional. Whether you're a developer, a customer success specialist, or a marketing professional, you'll have a human touch to your work. 


2. Flexibility in scheduling and remote work

What does flexibility mean to us? We trust you to organize your schedule to accomplish your tasks. If you need some time off for an appointment or something else, we can accommodate you. Flexibility also applies to remote work. Petal employees enjoy the maximum flexibility allowed by the nature of the position. We value a trusting relationship between employee and employer. 


3. Generous vacation policy

At Petal, we believe that rest is just as important as work. Our vacation policy provides for a minimum of 4 weeks of vacation per year and up to 6 weeks depending on years of experience. In addition to vacation weeks, you are entitled to 5 additional personal days off. 


4. Signing bonus 

When you are hired, we will give you a $1000 bonus. Whether it's for a computer monitor, a desk, or noise-canceling headphones, this amount will allow you to get everything you need to optimize your setup. 


5. Friendly work atmosphere

In addition to the activities organized by our social club, you will find that our work environment is very convivial. Everyone is friendly and after a few weeks of work, you'll feel like you've been working at Petal a lot longer. We even get a 9.4/10 on the question "I feel welcome in the team", included in our onboarding and integration survey. 


6. Opinion taken into consideration

At Petal, we are always looking for ways to improve. That's why our employees frequently complete anonymous surveys. We want to collect their honest opinion to find ways to improve our practices. We have surveys on onboarding and integration, monthly surveys on various general topics, and two engagement surveys per year.


7. Opportunity to have a concrete impact 

We operate in a dynamic and growing environment. Even though we are close to 300 employees, there is still a lot to do. You have the opportunity to have a direct and concrete impact on the evolution of the organization. We have the resources and the means to achieve our goals, all we need is you!


8. Social activities 

We have a very active social club at Petal. Whether it's for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Cinco de Mayo, or summer BBQs, we never miss an opportunity to celebrate. You can also expect many colleagues staying after work on Thursdays for our famous happy hour. 


9. Modern offices 

If they choose to come to the office, our employees benefit from modern spaces, adapted to their reality. Our head office in the St-Roch district of Quebec City has been completely renovated in the last year. As for our Montreal employees, they have a brand new office in the Mile-End district. Our offices meet the growing needs of our company while providing several work options to our teams. Standing up, sitting down, on a couch, soundproof pods, everything has been designed to make our employees want to meet there.  


10. Competitive salary 

At Petal, you can expect generous compensation that recognizes your contribution. Our new compensation structure ensures internal equity and competitive salaries in the market. 


Do all these reasons speak to you? Check out our careers page now to see what opportunities we have available, we certainly have a place for you with us.