Physicians: 3 Advantages to Being More Autonomous with Shift Trades

In a medical service, physicians who want to trade a shift often depend on the scheduler to coordinate and manage their shift trades. But there are many advantages to allowing the physicians themselves to make these shift trades. Based on the experience of many schedulers, who have chosen to allow physicians more autonomy, Petal has targeted the top 3 most valued benefits for physicians.


1. The Risk of Communication Errors is Greatly Diminished

Imagine that a physician who is not supposed to be on-call anymore is called at 3 A.M., even though he had requested the transfer of his on-call shift beforehand. This type of communication error can occur when too many intermediaries are involved in the shift trade process and that the initial request does not reach all concerned recipients.

For example, through an oversight or a handwritten note inadvertently being misplaced by an intermediary, the information about a shift trade request might not reach the appropriate individuals. But when physicians coordinate their own shift trades, they want to be assured that the request is recognized by all the relevant parties.

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2. The Trade Request Process Is Much Faster

By reducing the number of people involved in coordinating shift trades, physicians are able to trade or transfer shifts in a timely manner. Speed is especially useful when unforeseen events occur and the physician needs to be replaced at the last minute.

In fact, when physicians no longer have to rely on a scheduler or their assistant to perform a shift trade, then schedules can be managed with more flexibly and convenience, since they do not have to depend on the availability of a planner.


3. The Physician is Certain that the Shift Trades Have Been Carried Out

Physicians who manage their own shift trades are guaranteed to have confirmation that the shift has indeed been exchanged. Since they are responsible for coordinating their own exchange request(s) and validating the request(s) with the planner; they want to be sure that the changes have been made in the group schedule and that the changes have been communicated to all concerned.


Facilitate the Management of Physician-to-Physician Shift Trades With a Specialized Solution

In order for physicians to take full advantage of these kinds of benefits, they should investigate the use of a specialized digital scheduling solution. These types of tools can actually facilitate the shift trade process. Digital tools can provide reassurance to both physicians and planners that their approval processes can be personalized and autonomous, while at the same time respecting the rules of the medical service.

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