3 new features for PetalMD’s Online Booking Solution

PetalMD's Online Booking Solution has only been market for a few months, but we've already made some improvements. Here are three new features. 


1. Send instructions or documents with reminders

Do certain appointments require the patient to receive instructions or fill out forms? Don't waste time in the clinic - have your patients read and complete documents before leaving the house. With this new feature, you can add instructions and documents to patient reminders according to the type of appointment. 

Instruction and Documents for Patient

2. Give your patients the option to confirm electronically 

This new feature allows your patients to send appointment confirmations from a cell phone, PC, or via text messaging. Boost patient involvement to cut down on appointment no-shows. 

Electronically Confirmation for Patient

A new visual indicator turns blue to alert you that a patient has seen a reminder and texted a confirmation. 


Clinic personnel can indicate whether a patient was on time, late or did not show up for an appointment. This option makes it possible to gather statistics on patient behavior that can be used to generate detailed reports. 


You can also personalize appointment status reports - by nothing that a patient is being triaged, for exemple. Would you like to withdraw the cancellation option on reminders after a certain period of time? This is where you can make any such adjustments. 

Appointment Status Reports

3. Save time with our more user-friendly interface

The appointment booking window has been updated for easier navigation. Patient information can now be viewed and changed directly from the health professional's schedule, which eliminates the need to go back and forth between the schedule and the patient's profile page. 

User-Friendly Interface