7 Reasons to Attend the 2018 Forum on Patient Experience

On September 24th and 25th, the 6th Annual National Forum on Patient Experience will be held in Toronto. As one of Canada's leaders in digital health, the PetalMD team presents 7 reasons that position this event as a must-attend event for Canadian health professionals.

1. Benefit from Mike Nader's Expertise on the Management of Health Establishments 

Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the University Health Network in Toronto, Mike Nader will be the first keynote speaker at the Patient Experience Forum on September 24th at 8:15 am. With more than 25 years of experience in patient-based health facility management, Mr. Nader is responsible for Clinical Operations for Toronto General and Toronto Western hospitals, the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute.

In an effort to help hospital leaders move toward patient-centred management, his opening remarks will focus on the challenges of healthcare organizations looking to pave the way for patient-centred care.

2. Discover How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Care with Patrice Gilbert

A computer engineer by training, Patrice Gilbert is the Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian company, PetalMD, whose medico-administrative solutions are used in more than 150 health institutions across Canada. For the past 10 years, Mr. Gilbert has been working with physicians and healthcare managers to develop cloud-based solutions that save hospital staff thousands of hours each year.

His conference will focus on how artificial intelligence can create physician schedules that better align with patient demand for care and the challenges faced by hospitals using outdated technologies to create, manage and distribute physician scheduling. Mr. Gilbert's conference will take place on September 25, 2018 at 9:00 am.



3. Learn From Various Health Organizations Via 10 Case Studies

Healthcare managers who want to put in place a strategy to improve patient care within their establishments will be able to learn from various organizations. At the 6th Annual National Patient Experience Forum, no less than 10 case studies from 10 different organizations will be presented, each with their own approach to improving the patient experience.

  • Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
  • Health Standards Organization and Accreditation Canada
  • Women’s College Hospital
  • CIHI
  • Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
  • Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
  • Universal Pharmacare
  • Regional PX Call Centre
  • Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences
  • CAMH PhotoVoice Exhibits

4. Julie Drury, Chair of Minister's Patient and Family Advisor Council 

During the event, participants will be lucky enough to meet Ms. Julie Drury, the Chair of Minister's Patient and Family Advisory Council for the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care. The conference given by this pioneer in patient experience will concern the importance of making an active commitment within the health system in order to revolutionize patient centred care.

Ms. Drury will share her practical experience as a Care Coordinator who has worked with many healthcare providers. In addition to informing her audience about the Ontario government's healthcare projects, she will emphasize the importance of integrating patients into the decision-making process that ultimately impacts their experience and care.

5. Follow the Advice of Ms. Carol Santalucia to Put the Patient Back at the Centre of Patient Care 

The second day of the event will begin with a keynote lecture by Carol Santalucia, Director of Service Excellence and Culture at the Cleveland Clinic. Passionate about different methods and approaches to improving the patient experience, Ms. Santalucia will give a presentation on the recognition of the value of the patient experience to transform the supply of care.

During her presentation, Ms. Santalucia will provide tips and ideas to help healthcare stakeholders identify the key drivers of a successful strategy for improving the patient experience. She wants to educate health facility managers about the importance of organizational culture in creating and maintaining compassionate communication.

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6. Hear Patients Talk About Their Experience 

The Annual National Forum on Patient Experience is the only event in Canada that gives voice not only to physicians, healthcare managers and businesses, but also to patients and caregivers. More than 10 testimonials from patients and caregivers will be given during the event.

Few details have been revealed about the patient's identities or the topics they will cover, but their point of view is certainly essential to understanding the importance of the patient experience within health institutions.

7. Save 20% on Registration Fees with PetalMD

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So come join us: September 24th and 25th at the 6th Annual National Forum on Patient Experience in Toronto.