A New Communication Platform for Healthcare Professionals

Physicians and healthcare professionals; this news is for you! PetalMD has recently established an interactive platform that helps keep you informed about the latest medical research and trends. You’ll soon understand why more than 30,000 subscribed physicians have joined the PetalMD Community.

A Community for Learning

By joining our Community (it’s free), you can access medical news relating to various specialities. The latest medical research, trends, practices and technologies are presented daily on this platform. Easy to use, the interface allows you to be on the lookout for the latest medical publications from here and around the world.  

A Community for Betterment

PetalMD's Community is not only a reference for content; it is also a collaborative platform. This tool allows you to share pertinent information with your colleagues about the latest trends in health care which can contribute to the advancement of your team. You can also suggest medical articles that appeal to you and help inform more than 30,000 subscribers. Informative sharing that’s beneficial for all!

A Community for Announcements

Have you or any of your colleagues’ published research or op-ed articles in the health field? Thanks to PetalMD’s Community, you have an interface that lets you publish your medical articles anonymously or not. This way, you allow other health professionals to consult your articles, to be enriched by your content and to get to know you, if that is your preference!

Much More Than a Community, a New Interface

The arrival of the PetalMD community has made it possible for us to update the interface of the applications while also offering users the opportunity of a free trial of our three management tools. Try it out now and see how these tools facilitate time management, appointment coordination, communications between different departments and much more!

For 2017, be at the heart of the action! Join the largest online professional healthcare network for free and try out tools that your team will surely benefit from using.