PetalMD Winner of the ADRIQ Innovation Awards

The 30th ADRIQ Innovation Awards Gala took place on November 19, 2020. Once again this year, PetalMD was in the limelight for winning the Innovation Award in the “Innovation | SMB” category.

The Innovation Awards are given to companies that have recently developed and marketed an innovation with an explicitly novel component which bestows an important competitive advantage on the product and company. The awards seek to celebrate individual companies’ capacity to innovate and the innovative technological creativity of all our Quebec companies.


The Criteria of Selection

To select the winners, the jury must analyze the impact of the innovation on the company. To win the Innovation Award, companies have to demonstrate that the innovation:

  • led to and continues to lead to an important increase in revenue and in profitability;
  • has been commercially successful and has had a positive impact on the company, including in terms of competitive advantage, increased sales, and an improvement in the company’s strategic positioning.


The Recognition of Our Innovation

PetalMD has been nominated for the ADRIQ Innovation Awards thanks to our use of cutting-edge technology, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as for offering products that are more user-friendly for the healthcare sector. The PetalMD platform also demonstrates the innovative aspects of our company, thanks to its capacity to:

  • portray the medical offer of an organization in real time;
  • automate the creation of schedules;
  • ensure a complete care coverage for clinical and on-call activities;
  • allow online booking for patients; and
  • offer a secure communication environment, designed for healthcare professionals.


ADRIQ is not the only one recognizing the benefits of our innovations; so do our users. In four years, the company has recorded a 173% growth in unit sales for platform licences, increasing the influence and the reach of the solutions developed by PetalMD.


About ADRIQ Innovation Awards

For 30 years now, the ADRIQ has rewarded the trailblazers of Quebec with its Innovation Awards in different categories: digital transformation, techno-science succession, large companies, SMBs, fledgling companies, life sciences, artificial intelligence, industrial coalitions and partnerships.