PetalMD Wins the Artificial Intelligence Disruptor Award

PetalMD's efforts to develop an artificial intelligence capable of automating physicians’ scheduling have not gone unnoticed. As a matter of fact, the PetalMD team was awarded the prestigious Artificial Intelligence Disruptor Award during the Digital Transformation Conference and Award Ceremony, held in Toronto on August 8th, 2019.

Video: PetalMD wins the Artificial Intelligence Disruptor Award at the Digital Transformation Conference and Awards Ceremony

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Digital Transformation Awards 2019


This award is an addition to the many recognitions given to PetalMD over the last two years to highlight its technological innovations, significant growth on an international level and the distinctive qualities of the company as a workplace.


Congratulations to the Four Other Finalists for the Artificial Intelligence Disruptor Awards

PetalMD would also like to congratulate each of the four companies that have distinguished themselves by their innovation efforts in the Artificial Intelligence Disruptor category as finalists:

  • ADA
  • Boss Insight
  • Shinydoc Corporation


About the Digital Transformation Awards

Launched in 2016 by IT World Canada (ITWC), the digital transformation award program celebrates the exemplary achievements of Canadian companies in the digital industry. The 2019 conference featured several lectures by technology experts, including the CIOs of Sunlife, HomeEquity Bank, Four Seasons and MLSE.


About the Physician Scheduling Management Solution Developed by PetalMD

PetalMD won the Artificial Intelligence Disruptor Award with its physician scheduling solution called Petal Scheduling. The solution uses a form of artificial intelligence that relies on complex algorithms and variables specific to each group of physicians. The system tests thousands of options simultaneously to provide physicians with the best possible distribution of shifts and automatic scheduling.

Doctors receive the following benefits

To view our selection of Top 10 benefits from Petal Scheduling for physicians, feel free to download the electronic document available below.