Elevate Your Nurse Shift Management

In a rapidly changing healthcare landscape, where the caregiver's well-being is compromised by factors like burnout and heavy workloads, the very core of health service delivery is at risk - high-quality patient care. Understanding and addressing compounding implications is essential: among others, emergency departments are shutting down due to personnel shortages and dedicated nurse staff is reconsidering their position in the labor force. 

Now, more than ever, hospitals and other health facilities must rethink their workforce management. Integrating technology that enhances day-to-day operations is not just an option, it's an imperative. Hospitals and other health facilities can substantially increase the value derived from their workforce by optimizing care provider utilization while judiciously employing agencies when needed. With a focus on efficiency, adaptability, and support, Petal Health introduces new capabilities specific to nurses in its Capacity Management suite, including scheduling and automated nurse callout features. These solutions help create an environment where nurses and other health professionals can experience work-life balance and contribute effectively to patient care, easily navigating schedules and shifts.


Why Petal Health?

Petal Health is a trustworthy partner in care, thoughtfully designed to help staffing, administrative and healthcare decision-makers address the dynamic demands of today's environment. Petal’s solution for nurses is more than just a shift management solution. It conceptually integrates into our extensive Capacity Management suite, ensuring a harmonious and well-coordinated interaction across various healthcare roles. From nurses to physicians and other healthcare professionals, Petal Health is there to guide each member of the team to their optimal location and function, aligning with the broader objectives of capacity management.

Each feature of Petal Health is designed to streamline scheduling, respect seniority, prevent conflicts, and significantly aid in workforce management. The automated, criteria-based callout capability of Petal for Nurses efficiently identifies and alerts suitable candidates for open shifts, ensuring that vacancies are filled promptly and appropriately. This is achieved through precise time tracking, which goes beyond merely logging hours; it is crucial for providing data that enhances the efficiency of scheduling.

This approach to scheduling ensures the effective utilization of staff while empowering them to consistently deliver exceptional care with increased focus and less administrative burden. What truly makes Petal Health stand out are the proven success stories from our partners. We’ve observed shift fulfillment rates dramatically increase from 40% to 90% under Petal’s implementation. Furthermore, the platform has contributed to a 50% reduction in annual administrative hours, a substantial decrease in overtime costs and agency spending, and a noteworthy 25% increase in the retention of part-time and casual staff. These tangible results underline our commitment to providing solutions designed to ensure the right fit for every vacancy while allowing your team to concentrate on patient care without the stress of scheduling concerns.


Automated Nurse Callout

Petal’s Automated Nurse Callout solution supports your in-house nursing team effectively. It helps you cover shifts efficiently while allowing nurses to select their preferred schedules, enhancing job satisfaction and retention. This approach aligns with union rules and collective bargaining agreements, safeguarding your facility and its staff and enabling proactive staffing activities, allowing for the efficient filling of open shifts. With your internal team maximized, external agencies can serve as supportive staffing partners, fostering a cost-effective and sustainable approach to healthcare staffing and delivery.


Seamless Scheduling with Petal

Imagine a day at your health facility where scheduling is not only efficient but also flexible. Petal’s Nurse Scheduling solution is more than just a calendar planning tool; it’s a step forward from technology developed over a decade ago, aimed at making the management of shifts, staff, and schedules smooth, straightforward, and, most importantly, dynamic.

With the flexibility provided by Petal Health, your nursing teams become more agile. Tasks that used to be cumbersome, like shift assignments, publishing, managing last-minute absences, and updates, are now simplified. This approach, designed with current healthcare challenges in mind, helps ensure both efficiency and patient care are given priority.


Let's Work Together

We invite you to explore what Petal Health has to offer. Here, every shift, schedule, and callout is a step toward a healthcare delivery system that prioritizes innovation and care. With Petal, you’ll have access to a team dedicated to your success, providing change management and support, ensuring that your staff can make the best use of the system to fit your unique needs. Are you ready to improve healthcare delivery with us? We look forward to welcoming you!


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