Europe's Interest in PetalMD Continues [Testimonial from the CHI of Créteil]

More and more European health managers are working with PetalMD to educate their colleagues about the benefits of using digital schedules and on-call lists in hospitals. After the Vinatier Hospital Center participated in penning a case study and the CHC Care Network testified at HIMSS Liège 2019, it was the turn of the Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal de Créteil (CHI) to speak at the Paris Healthcare Week.

Video excerpt from the presentation (French only)

Matthieu Girier’s testimonial, Director of Human Resources at CHI Créteil,at the Paris Healthcare Week 2019

The Main Requirements Identified by CHI in Terms of Physician Schedule Management

  • Ensure the accuracy of the information that circulates in the hospital regarding physician schedules
  • Homogenize schedule practices and procedures
  • Free up time physicians’ spend scheduling, so they can focus more on medical tasks
  • Obtain reliable data on performed medical activities
  • Optimize the use of workspace based on available resources


The Main Outcomes Obtained as a Result of the Digitization of Medical Schedules

  • Better visibility for planning physician schedules
  • Greater optimal distribution of tasks within physicians’ schedules
  • Gain of autonomy for doctors in the management of their schedules
  • Quicker creation of physician schedules
  • High adoption rate by physicians


Hospitals in France, Belgium and Switzerland are Satisfied After Going to Digital

It is not only in Canada that physicians’ paper schedules undermine the effectiveness of the medico-administrative management of hospitals. In Europe, many health organizations are also looking to digitize their physicians’ schedules and on-call lists.

Since the first PetalMD platform was introduced in Europe in 2017, more and more European healthcare institutions have chosen the reliability offered by the Canadian platform to digitize their physician scheduling processes.

PetalMD Europe Usage Growth

In Switzerland, the pediatric emergency medical service for one of the University Hospitals in Geneva was particularly impressed by the optimization of their schedule management following the adoption of Petal Scheduling, a solution developed by PetalMD. The assistant physician for the chief physician of the department also testified of his satisfaction by describing the tool as “excellent and stimulating” for his team. 

In Belgium, in Liège, a care network made up of 6 hospitals bringing together nearly 1,000 doctors, they have completely digitized their on-call schedules. The Assistant Medical Director explained that his team wanted to “improve the quality of care offered” and that this goal was achieved through the use of a centralized on-call list, which is always up-to-date and accessible at all times by every employee within the entire organizational network. 

In France, in Lyon, the management of a psychiatric hospital centre with more than 200 doctors completely modernized the management of the on-call schedules for their establishment in order to reduce their operational costs and to eliminate the risk of errors related to the initial processes. The Director of Medical Affairs and Research described the PetalMD solution as “a real breath of fresh air”, not least because the tool “removes the risk of human error when manually entering data on different media”.


Download the CHC Care Network Case Study
Digitizing Your On-Call Schedules to Better Meet the Needs of Patients

Webinar Presenting Testimony from the CHI of Créteil about the PetalMD Platform

Would you like to find out how your healthcare facility could also benefit from the digitization of physician scheduling? On July 2, 2019, at 11:00 am, Central Standard Time (CET), PetalMD’s Marie-Claude Messier and Jérôme Dubois from its French partner, Projetlys, will present a webinar during which the Director of Human Resources, Matthieu Girier from the CHI of Créteil will explain how his establishment has managed to optimize physician scheduling. 

This webinar will be the perfect opportunity for health managers across Europe to get more information on the features, benefits and deployment process related to the digitization of medical schedules. Particularly informative will be the testimony of Mr. Girier. Please note that the webinar will be in French and make sure to register!


Webiner Speakers:

-        Marie-Claude Messier, Vice President Business Development [PetalMD]

-        Jérôme Dubois, Health Market Manager [Projetlys]

-        Matthieu Girier, Director of Human Resources [Créteil CHI]

Register for webinar (French)