PetalMD Shares Agile Software Development Expertise at an Agile Conference

The Agile methodology, which PetalMD has adopted since its beginning, is the transparency and frequent delivery of client focused solutions, contributing to higher quality products. The importance is put on group interactions and responding to change rather than following specific processes and plans from start to finish.

Agile Québec aims to bring together innovative people that mark Agile as an integral part of the productive flow of information, ideas and decisions. The aim of the Agile Tour de Québec 2015 was to bring together individuals who promote the Principles behind the Agile Manifesto within their companies and give them an opportunity to share and acquire knowledge, expand their network of contacts and learn more about Agility in practice. November is World Agility Month!

The keynote speaker at the Agile Tour was Scott W. Ambler, coach and mentor of Agile and LEAN strategies for companies around the world. Other key players included agencies, government officials, consultants, field experts and companies such as Telus, Bell, CGI and others.

PetalMD’s Presence at the Agile Tour

PetalMD was proud to share the stage with the top Agile mentors and coaches present at the 7th Agile Tour Program. The event takes place yearly and proposes various Agile conferences to over 800 participants.

Jason Sweeney, Team Lead, and I, Vice President of R&D, showcased our expertise on the best practices and challenges of continuous integration in an Agile organisation such as PetalMD.


The goal of the presentation was to share our company’s developmental environment, which makes it possible to quickly skip from a market need to a deployed functionality without having to go through intermediaries. PetalMD’s development team quickly deliver solutions to high-value needs without compromising quality.

Agile Development Means Customers Come First

PetalMD has a dedicated Agile coach, Mariana Vielmas, who drives the agile culture within the company. Mariana is in charge of ensuring we respond to customer needs, adapt to changing project priorities, support the product owners in focusing on the customers, and more.

A client-focused culture means continually adapting to changing needs.
– Mariana Vielmas, Agile coach at PetalMD

She has ensured that PetalMD focuses on the heart of innovation, which leans towards flexible processes to be able to quickly react to changing client needs and offer a greater user implication.

A thriving environment for employees means higher satisfaction ratings and in turn, generates greater care in ensuring clients are happy and given valuable solutions to their current needs and pains.

With this is mind, PetalMD continually uses the Agile methodology and looks forward to attending next year’s Agile Tour.