Special PetalMD presentation at Informatique Santé

The Colloque Informatique Santé (Health IT Symposiumwill be held in Drummondville on November 23, 2017. PetalMD Product Director, Francis Robichaud, has been given the honor of presenting "Coup d’oeil sur une entreprise Québécoise" (An overview of a Quebec company). Mr. Robichaud will take this opportunity to explain how the private sector can address healthcare management issues by developing technological innovations.

Improving the healthcare system with innovation

Among the discussion points will be: how can management and communication technologies developed can improve the public healthcare system? And what roles can and should Quebec companies play in the advent of artificial intelligence related to healthcare issues? Francis Robichaud, who has been a team leader at PetalMD for more than 5 years, will address these questions. His talk will begin immediately after the opening conference, which will be given by Benoît Boivin, Chief Information Officer at the Treasury Board for the Government of Quebec.

Speakers from all fields

Following Mr. Robichaud’s presentation, participants of the symposium, which is organized by Point en santé et services sociaux, will have access to nine workshops that will focus on the themes of: Open to the reality of others and Innovative practices for inspiration. The diversity of the speakers is consistent with these themes and includes:

  • Yvan Fournier, Assistant Director of Information Technology, CHU de Québec
  • Charles Demers-Tremblay, Computer Analyst and Security Officer, CHU de Québec
  • Nathalie Le Prohon, Vice President, Strategic Healthcare Sector, IBM Canada
  • Louise Beauchesne, Executive Director of Development, IBM Canada
  • Paul Stokes, Senior Executive Partner, Gartner
  • François Banville, Executive Partner, Gartner
  • Jacqueline Dubé, President and CEO, CEFRIO
  • Sylvain Cadoret, Account Manager - Healthcare Sector, Microsoft
  • Linda Parision, Standards Expert - Clinical Systems Integration, Canada Health Infoway
  • Sébastien Blais, Director of Clinical and Organizational Performance, CHU de Québec - University Laval
  • Dr Jean-Paul Fortin, Professor, Laval University
  • Hassane Alami, Doctoral student in health, Laval University

The conference will conclude with a presentation by Richard Audet, Associate Deputy Minister, Information Technology Branch, Department of Health and Social Services for Quebec. To find out more details on each workshop, do not hesitate to consult the official program.

Do you plan to participate in the event? Don’t forget to stop by and meet our team!