Female Leaders: Meet our Vice Presidents

In the world of technology, diversity and inclusion are essential pillars of our success. As we celebrate International Women's Rights Day, we're proud to shine the spotlight on the remarkable women who hold positions in our company's senior management. With 41% of our team made up of people who identify as women, we are witness to their undeniable impact on our company and the technology industry as a whole. Discover these inspiring leaders, their unique backgrounds and their vision that are shaping the future of our organization. 


Name: Mylène Hardy  

Role: Vice-President, Legal Affairs      

"It's by staying true to who you are that you truly move forward." Mylène  

Mylène has been leading our legal affairs at Petal for over 3 years. After starting her career in private finance, she wanted to find more challenges and progress in her career. She joined the tech industry a few years later. Despite working in environments often dominated by male employees, Mylène asserted herself with determination. Today, she is a mentor and a source of inspiration, embodying perseverance and authenticity. For her, equality in the workplace is essential, as it fosters complementarity and diversity. 


Name: Angélique Brosseau 

Role: Vice President, Medical Billing Operations   

"Being a leader means juggling many responsibilities, and that's a challenge I'm proud to take on every day."  

AngéliqueAngélique has dedicated her career to digital transformation, easing the transition of many companies from paper to digital. Driven by a desire to make a positive change in her community, she joins our team in 2021 and now holds the position of Vice President of Medical Billing Operations. For her, using technology to improve the healthcare system is more than just a mission; it's a passion. Her career path is marked by a constant willingness to challenge, but also by integrity towards herself. For her, female representation at the senior management level is crucial to ensuring balanced diversity within our company, and thus better serving our teams and customers. 


Name: Valérie Brasseur  

Role: Vice-President, Customer Success

"With the right mindset, you can achieve the impossible."  

ValérieInterested in technology and healthcare, Valérie joined Petal two years ago as Director of Customer Success, before being promoted to Vice President of the same department. Passionate about teamwork, Valérie finds her greatest pride in the ability to mobilize the skills of each individual to form an exceptional team. She sees her role as more than just management, but also as cultivating the potential of her team. Having herself benefited from the mentoring of Dominique, our Executive Vice President, Medical Billing, Valérie is now a source of inspiration for all women wishing to progress and shine in their professional field. 


Name: Dominique Vallée  

Role: Executive Vice-President, Medical Billing     

"I take pride in building high-performance teams that achieve excellence while having fun at work."   

Dominique-1Dominique has risen through the ranks of sales management positions in major corporations throughout her career. Driven by a desire to make a positive impact on society and facilitate access to healthcare, she joined Petal three years ago. Today, she holds the position of Executive Vice President, Medical Billing. At this stage of her career, what motivates her most is supporting the next generation of leaders in their development. She strives to encourage her employees to develop their self-confidence and dare to move forward. Convinced that diversity is crucial to achieving excellence, she firmly believes in the importance of multiple perspectives to progress. 


Name: Melanie Roth  

Role: Vice-President, Communications & Marketing  

"Women have come a long way in the working world, but we have to keep pushing the boundaries."   

DrivenMélanie by a desire to contribute to the growth of a company dedicated to improving healthcare, Mélanie joined our team in 2023 as Vice President, Communications & Marketing. Her career path bears witness to a remarkable evolution, forged by the enriching experiences that have guided her to her current position. Mélanie believes that diversity within leadership teams is essential, as she is convinced that varied representation stimulates innovation. For her, co-creation and collaboration are the fundamental pillars of a harmonious, high-performance team, values she strives to promote and embody daily. 


Name: Corina Chartrand 

Role: Vice-President, Human Resources

"You can't be afraid to go for it and have the self-confidence to achieve your goals."  

CorinaCorina has been head of our Human Resources team since she joined Petal over 7 years ago. Embodying our values of ambition and action, she set up this department through her initiative and perseverance. What fills her with pride in her work is to see her team positively influence the company through concrete actions. For her, gender identity should not be an obstacle to professional advancement or the ability to leave one's mark. As a leader and a woman in a senior management position, she is convinced that it is essential to set an example and actively support women aspiring to advance their careers. 


Name: Natalie Doré  

Role: Vice-President, Expansion and Medical Billing Expertise  

"Everyone has a unique talent, it's just a matter of discovering one's passion to shine."  

Inspired Natalieby Petal's hypergrowth, Natalie joined our team in 2019, bringing her expertise to the medical billing department. For her, challenges are the cornerstone of her professional fulfillment. She is passionate about organizational development and expansion. Natalie is always ready to get fully involved in whatever tasks arise, demonstrating exceptional responsiveness and determination. If she had one piece of advice for a woman starting in her career, it would be to continue to persevere. Natalie firmly believes that persistence is the key to achieving one's professional goals.