PetalMD's new platform is officially launched

As fall begins, all PetalMD solution users can now access a completely new and improved platform!

The new, state-of-the-art platform was created jointly by developers, designers and users. It features even more advanced technology, an innovative interface in keeping with the latest design trends, and faster, more user-friendly navigation.

New and improved features 

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Technology that matches PetalMD's ambitions

With over 32,000 physicians in more than 150 hospitals, PetalMD’s platform manages a significant and ever-growing amount of data. The new technology will ensure the platform’s sustainability in terms of security and performance.

This technology also brings other benefits. For example, automatic real-time updates are made to the hospital dashboard’s on-call list every time a physician’s schedule is changed—a time-saving feature that also reduces the risk of error.


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PetalMD solutions centralization

With the new platform, all of PetalMD’s solutions can now be accessed through a single interface. Physicians who manage their schedules with Petal Scheduling, access their hospital’s on-call lists with Petal On-Call and manage their patient appointments at the clinic with Petal Booking will be able to switch between the tools more easily. The new home page provides a consolidated view of the key information in each solution.


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The journey continue 

The PetalMD team is always open to user suggestions. Whether you’re a physician, an administrative assistant or a manager, your feedback is appreciated!