Petal Named One of Canada’sTop Growing Companies in 2022

The digital health technology company Petal is proud to announce that it has been named to The Globe and Mail’s: Canada’s Top Growing Companies list. This ranking celebrates bold entrepreneurial achievements by identifying and highlighting the accomplishments of innovative companies across the country.

Petal was ranked 122nd out of 430 companies in The Globe and Mail’s, Report on Business, magazine ranking of Canada’s top growing companies. The company has experienced a 384% revenue growth over the past three years (2018-2021).

"Over the past few years, Petal has focused on developing its orchestration platform to improve access to healthcare, one of the biggest problems in the Canadian healthcare system. The orchestrator leverages existing systems and enables their interoperability. This adaptive technology builds on what is already in place, allowing for faster deployment of innovation," said David Junca, Chief Revenue Officer at Petal.

Petal’s orchestration platform enables decision makers to better manage a healthcare network and ensure that care delivery matches patient demand. The orchestrator is currently deployed in the province of Quebec to provide patients with the right care, at the right time, by the right professional.

Canada’s Top Growing Companies is an editorial ranking produced by the Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail, since 2019. It aims to celebrate the boldest entrepreneurial achievements by identifying and highlighting the accomplishments of innovative companies in Canada. In order to be included in the ranking, companies must complete a nomination process and meet certain requirements. A total of 430 companies have earned a spot in the 2022 ranking.

"Canada’s Top Growing Companies ranking recognizes the extraordinary ambition and innovation of Canada’s entrepreneurs. The next generation of Canadian companies will be able to draw inspiration from those already featured in this ranking," says Dawn Calleja, Editor-in-Chief of Report on Business magazine.

"In an uncertain world, the success stories of the companies in our 2022 ranking are a beacon of optimism. We congratulate them on their achievements," says Phillip Crawley, Publisher and CEO of The Globe and Mail.

The full list of 2022 winners have been published in the October issue of the Report on Business magazine. The list is available now online.


Report On Business logoAbout the Ranking

The Globe and Mail’s 2022 Canada’s Top Growth Companies ranking celebrates the boldest entrepreneurial achievements by identifying and showcasing the accomplishments of innovative companies across Canada.


The Globe and Mail logoAbout The Globe and Mail

Founded in 1844, The Globe and Mail is Canada’s leading news organization. It reaches 5.9 million readers each week in print and digital formats, and its Report on Business magazine reaches 2.3 million readers in print and digital formats for each issue. The Globe and Mail is owned by Woodbridge, the investment arm of the Thomson family.


Petal logoAbout Petal

Petal develops digital platforms that enable healthcare innovators to improve access to care by driving operational efficiency. The company, founded in 2010, is a Canadian healthcare technology leader specializing in real-time care orchestration and now has nearly 300 employees. Petal works with leading healthcare facilities in Canada, France, Switzerland, Belgium and the United States.

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