PetalMD Joins the 42 Quebec Family

PetalMD is pleased to officially announce its new partnership with 42 Quebec to encourage the next generation of IT professionals, more specifically in the programming field.


What Is 42 Quebec?

  • The first computer programming training that is completely free, open to everyone without any diploma requirement and accessible by the age of 18 years old.

  • An initiative of Québec numérique financially supported by La Commission des partenaires du marché du travail, the City of Québec and many private partners.

  • A branch of the 42 Network, the world's largest alternative digital education network, with nearly 30 campuses on several continents.


Why PetalMD Wants to Contribute to the Mission of 42 Quebec

This partnership is important to us because it allows our organization to participate in a unique pedagogical project that has proven its worth and that generates a qualified workforce to counterbalance the current shortage in the IT sector. 42 Quebec offers an alternative to the traditional academic pathway, making it possible to expand the pool of potential talent by welcoming both self-taught enthusiasts and people in the midst of a career transition.

Furthermore, by partnering with such an initiative, PetalMD is showing its support for the IT community by being part of the solution and addressing the labor shortage in this industry. 


A Growth that Requires Several Resources

Driven by the strong demand for our products to improve the efficiency of the healthcare system, PetalMD is growing rapidly. Our IT team has doubled in size in the last few months and several positions are still open. This partnership allows us to get involved with students and to introduce them to the healthcare industry.

Come and discover our IT job opportunities!