PetalMD, winner of the 2021 Canadian Business Excellence Award for Private Businesses

On May 21st, Excellence Canada announced the winners of the 2021 Canadian Business Excellence Awards for Private Businesses. PetalMD has been recognized nationally as a winner after a remarkable growth over the past few months. The awards will be presented at a virtual cocktail party on June 9th.

The Canadian Excellence Awards are presented to companies that have clearly demonstrated a strategic approach to improving business performance and achieving business goals.


The selection process

Winners are selected by the Decision-Making Committee based on three key criteria established by the program:

  1. Customer satisfaction; 
  2. Employee motivation;
  3. Innovation.

The judging panel is made up of several prestigious companies such as BC Business Magazine, CEO Global Network, Carleton University, CPA Canada, MaRS and PWC. To evaluate each of the criterias, the jury analyzed the financial performance of the selected companies and a satisfaction survey was conducted with employees and customers of each organization. Candidates were also asked to explain how they foster a culture of innovation among their employees.


Innovation, a value at the heart of PetalMD

PetalMD wants to encourage and listen to its employees to share their ideas on potential improvements that could be made to the products offered by the company. Therefore, every year, a hackathon is held, an event during which everyone is invited to share their ideas and develop a prototype, in a collaborative way, proposing new functionalities.

In addition, PetalMD regularly encourages its employees to participate in high-level training and renowned conferences to further their knowledge and stay abreast of new technologies and trends in the healthcare field.


About the Canadian Business Excellence Awards

Established in 1984, Excellence Canada is a non-profit organization that has helped many organizations in Canada, from all industries, implement continuous quality improvement systems and employee wellness strategies. Its mission is to help organizations achieve better performance and the pursuit of excellence. 

There are three categories of awards such as private business, public business and non-profit organizations. The Private Business Excellence Awards have been held for five consecutive years and PetalMD is pleased to be part of it for the second year in a row!