Top 10 Topics that Most Interested Our Readers in 2019

Among the topics covered on the PetalMD blog, which ones interested our readers the most? Here is a list of the 10 most read articles in 2019. For our content specifically related to medical billing, we invite you to consult our Top 5 Most Read Medical Billing Articles in Quebec in 2019.

Hospital Costs Physicians Schedules

10th Place
How Can a Hospital Save $1.67 Million by Centralizing Doctors' Schedules

Relying on testimonials and data from different healthcare facilities, the PetalMD team has developed an analytical model that assesses the savings made by hospitals that digitize and centralize doctors’ schedules.

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Digitized On-Call Schedules ER Emergency

9th Place
Chief of Staff Testimonial: The Impact of Digital On-Call Schedules in an Emergency Situation

We invite you to check out the video of the medical chief of staff’s testimony, which was recorded during the annual e-Health Conference, in May 2019. During this presentation, the chief of staff explained how the complete digitization of doctors’ schedules improved the coordination of its care teams.

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Adopt Innovative Technology Healthcare

8th Place
Why Is Adopting Innovative Technology so Difficult for the Healthcare System?

During the spring of 2019, we interviewed Joanne Castonguay, associate professor at the Pôle santé HEC Montréal, an economist and consultant in the field of health innovations. Ms. Castonguay presented a few obstacles faced by health managers who wish to innovate, then outlined some possible solutions.

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Digitize the Quebec Healthcare System

7th Place
Why It’s Urgent to Digitize the Quebec Healthcare System in 2019

The PetalMD team has examined the technological and financial challenges of the Quebec healthcare system. Analyzing health spending and the demographic curve for the territory shows to what extent it is urgent for Quebec hospitals to optimize, through the use of technology, its human and financial resources.

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Benefits of Digitized Physician Schedules


6th Place
8 Ways to Convince Your Physician Colleagues to Digitize Their Schedules

Sometimes, it is hard for schedulers to demonstrate the benefits of a digital scheduling solution to the other physicians within their medical team. PetalMD has therefore identified 8 tips that schedulers can use to show how this kind of technology can benefit all the doctors in the service.

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Save Time with Physician Scheduling

5th Place
7 Tips to Save Time with Physician Scheduling

The PetalMD team has listed a series of tips to help schedulers minimize the time spent creating their schedules, while maintaining optimal fairness in shift distribution.

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CHUM Chooses the PetalMD Hospital Platform

4th Place
CHUM Chooses the PetalMD Platform

In the fall of 2019, the prestigious Center hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM), the largest hospital center in the province of Quebec, continued its innovative approach to managing healthcare by choosing the PetalMD platform for its entire medical offer.

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Code Orange Digital Schedules

3rd Place
Code Orange: The Crucial Difference Digital Schedules Can Make When Disaster Strikes

When a school bus accident occurred in Ontario, Canada, the chief of staff at the Hawkesbury and District General Hospital took advantage of the PetalMD platform to quickly assemble a team of physicians. Thus, their technology made it possible for the hospital to effectively manage the code orange and to efficiently take care of the large number of children implicated in the accident.

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Equity in Physician Shift Distribution

2nd Place
Why Equity Matters in Physician Shift Distribution

Many physicians are concerned about fairness in shift distribution among their medical team. This concern led us to focus on the concept of equity and what planners can do to create a fair schedule for the whole group.

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CHC Care Network Belgium

1st Place
6 Belgian Hospitals Digitize their On-Call Schedules with PetalMD

At the start of 2019, we announced that the CHC Care Network, which is located in Liège, Belgium, had deployed fully digital on-call lists in each of its six hospitals, and that a case study was produced. The network now uses accurate data regarding on-call functions for nearly 1,000 doctors and independent providers.

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For our content specifically related to medical billing, we invite you to consult our Top 5 Most Read Medical Billing Articles in Quebec in 2019.