The Vitalité Health Network Opts for PetalMD

PetalMD is proud to welcome the Vitalité Health Network as one of our esteemed users. Vitalité is a large group of nearly 600 physicians working in 57 health institutions across New Brunswick.

Renewing Vitality in Healthcare Services

Vitalité Health Network's mission is to improve healthcare services and ensure accessibility. This is why their management adopted new tools geared towards optimizing the patient’s journey, from hospital admission to postoperative care. Having examined a large number of technical tools, both internal and external, the Vitalité Health Network ended their search by choosing the PetalMD Hospital Platform. Their goal was to digitize, standardize and consolidate their physician schedules and on-call lists for their many healthcare institutions.

The secure messaging module was also an important factor in their decision making process, since it meant minimizing the use of less efficient communication tools such as: paper, fax machines and pagers. Furthermore, it ensures the confidentiality of exchanges between doctors, receptionists and nurses.

Many healthcare facilities choose the PetalMD Hospital Platform because it improves not only the day-to-day lives of physicians, but also the efficiency of many other processes within hospital settings. The features of this platform have positive repercussions for patients, improving access to healthcare in many ways.


How does the on-call lists work with the PetalMD Hospital Platform?


Making Patient Safety a Priority with Digital On-call lists

As of today, many Canadian hospitals still use complex, multi-step communication processes to reach on-call physicians. If all the steps are going well, the process can take up to 10 minutes, which increases risks to patients and may endanger them. 


Reaching the on-call physician
the PetalMD Hospital Platform
 Blog 88 - Vitalité On-Call Without PetalMD

Reaching the on-call physician
with the PetalMD Hospital Platform

Blog 88 - Vitalité On-Call With PetalMD 


Leaving Complexity Behind for Better Access to Healthcare

Conclusive results were observed in healthcare facilities that adopted the PetalMD Hospital Platform regarding the speed at which a patient proceeds through their hospital visit. Healthcare professionals can contact on-call physicians directly from their smartphone via the PetalMD mobile application.

Since the on-call lists are updated in real time and automatically reflect the schedules of each department, the healthcare professional is sure to communicate with the right on-call physician. 

In other words, healthcare facilities that have adopted the PetalMD Hospital Platform leave a complex communication process behind. They ease the workload of many stakeholders and, most importantly, reduced patient wait times

Optimizing the Quality of Healthcare Services with PetalMD

Solutions developed by PetalMD have evolved with the help of physicians and healthcare managers, but are also concerned with patient outcomes. By integrating the PetalMD Hospital Platform, healthcare managers will get real time data on a patient's average wait time, from case reception to postoperative follow-up. This way, healthcare professionals will be able to adjust their medical supply by comparing data and results, thus reducing patient wait times for the care offered.


Steps of a care episode: from hospital admission to postoperative follow-up 

Blog 88 - Vitalité patient journey

Average time of a care episode 

Blog 88 - Vitalité Average time of a care episode


This is just a fraction of all the benefits observed and expected for patients when healthcare facilities adopt the PetalMD Hospital Platform. Thanks to the technological shift it just implemented, the Vitalité Health Network will continue to accomplish its mission of improving healthcare accessibility and services for approximately 241,000 New Brunswickers.


About the Vitalité Health Network

Founded in 2008, the Vitalité Health Network is a regional health authority that delivers and manages healthcare and services in New Brunswick. It is a unique organization due to its Francophone management members. The network regroups 57 health institutions covering all of northern and southeastern New Brunswick.