Working at Petal: Contributing to a meaningful cause

The mission at Petal is ambitious: to build world-class software platforms that enable healthcare innovators to improve access to care by driving operational efficiency. We create applications that make it easier to orchestrate care. As a result, physicians have more time to focus on what really matters: their patients. In doing so, our employees are revolutionizing the healthcare system.  

Our teams are diverse and include professionals from many fields: technology, marketing, finance, human resources, design, etc. You don't have to be a healthcare professional to improve the healthcare system. Each individual contributes to our company to bring our vision to life: We believe that the right technology has the power to change health outcomes.


A culture of innovation, unique to IT 

When you think of tech companies, you think of innovation. Petal is no exception. Employees are encouraged to think outside the box. At Petal, things move fast. Action and iteration are preferred over passivity. It's better to make a mistake and learn from it than not to act. This philosophy is even found in our values. 

Ambition - Think big 

Action - Make it happen 

Intention - Put customers first 

Collaboration - Work together

Expertise - Know your stuff 

To work at Petal, you can't be afraid to think outside the box and share your ideas. 


The perks of the job

The advantages of working at Petal are not limited to working on innovative projects surrounded by a team of professionals who are experts in their field. We also offer a variety of benefits. 

Each new employee receives a $1000 signing bonus to equip themselves to work comfortably from home. A company cannot call itself modern and have the well-being of its employees at heart if it does not include the option of working from home, as long as its operations are not affected by it. That's why Petal employees can do unlimited remote work, depending on the nature of their position. They still have access to offices in Montreal and Quebec City where everything is set up to promote collaboration. 

In addition to contributing to society by improving the health care system, Petal gives back to the community. Each year, a fundraising event is organized for the United Way. During the 2021 campaign, the team raised over $30,000. A great honor for all! Employees are also given one day of paid volunteer work per year. Everyone does their part for the cause of their choice.  

We also implement initiatives to ensure the mental and physical well-being of our team. We offer an annual wellness allowance of $250 to our employees, which can be used to pay for sports equipment, gym memberships, nutritionist services, addiction support resources or any other relevant service. This wellness allowance is supplemented by free telehealth access, a comprehensive insurance program, flexible work hours and employer-paid RRSP/DPSP. 


"For us, the well-being of our employees is a priority. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our benefits offering. We realize that we would not be where we are today without our teams, so we take care of them. - Corina Chartrand, VP Human Resources at Petal  


Several social activities are also organized at Petal to keep the team together. Our social club gives its 110% to ensure that employees feel close to each other, even from a distance. Whether it's the New Year's health challenge where the team is encouraged to eat healthy and exercise, Valentine's Day activities, Cinco de Mayo, St-Jean-Baptiste, the annual BBQ, Halloween or Christmas, employees don't miss an opportunity to celebrate and get together.


A highly acclaimed company  

In addition to being a Gold Partner with 42 Quebec, we have won several awards since our establishment. Petal has been the recipient of several Great Place to Work awards: Great Place to Work Global, Today's Youth, Giving Back, Women, Healthcare and Technology. We have also received business awards such as the Deloitte Fast 500 and the 2021 Canadian Business Excellence Awards for Private Business. 

Petal is constantly growing and is always looking for the best talent to join its ranks. Improving the health care system in a different way is a privilege and a motivation to become the best version of yourself.