Working in Technology With an Atypical Background

You don't have to have a perfect, straightforward background to work at Petal. Our team members do not all have typical profiles. Whether it's a return to school or self-taught, all experiences are relevant to a career in technology. Curiosity, drive, and determination bring us together. Discover four atypical paths that led these people to a career in IT.

Stéphane_GirardName: Stéphane Girard 

Position: Director of Software Development

"You shouldn't assume that your first career choice is what you must do for the rest of your life."

Before joining the world of technology over 20 years ago, Stéphane was a physical education teacher. It was by chance that he discovered computers. His brother-in-law needed a website for his business, so Stéphane devoured "Coding for Dummies" to help him. He then completed an Attestation of Collegial Studies in Web Design and Programming to begin a career as a developer. One thing led to another, Stéphane climbed the ladder to become a software director. Not a day goes by that he doesn't use the skills he learned as a teacher. His ability to adapt to change, inquisitive mind, and positive attitude make him an outstanding manager. 


IsabelleName: Isabelle Marchand

Position: Back-End Developer 

"I don't regret my career change at all, I really found my place at Petal."

Isabelle has been a Back-End Developer at Petal for two and a half years. She had a lot of work experience before she became interested in technology. In addition to studying biochemistry, administration and accounting, Isabelle worked as a manager in a manufacturing plant for several years. It was while looking for a more flexible environment that she found her place in technology. After completing a few months of programming boot camp, Isabelle started her career at Petal. What she appreciates most in her new job is the work-life balance and the flexibility that the technology industry provides.   


Alexia_Proulx_2 (1)Name: Alexia Proulx

Position: Technology Expertise Development Manager  

"I was in health care before working at Petal. I wanted to find a job that connected health and technology." 

Alexia is one of the longest-serving employees at Petal. She started out as a developer, then became a chapter lead and finally held the position of technology expertise development manager. Prior to working in technology, Alexia worked for a long time in the healthcare field as an administrative agent. It was during this time that she saw the obvious need to modernize the industry. However, she has always had a passion for computers. That's why she studied computer science after high school, and then went on to complete a multimedia integration technique in 2013. Today, Alexia is a real mentor for our new developers. She accompanies them in their integration in addition to representing Petal in various events. 


Farid AnooshehpourName: Farid Anooshehpour
Position: Back-End Developer 

"Every experience makes us the person we are today."

Farid has been working at Petal for two and a half years as a Back-End Developer. He has a Bachelor's degree in Metallurgical Engineering and a Master's degree in Materials Engineering, both of which he completed in Iran, as well as a second Master's degree in Biomedical Applications of Materials from Laval University. After his studies, he found a job as a quality inspector in the petroleum industry and then worked as a project manager. During his academic career and his jobs, he learned to code by himself. In 2020, he took a big leap into technology by attending a programming boot camp. His attention to detail and perseverance are greatly useful in his job as a developer.


Do you recognize yourself in one of these profiles? Do you also have an unusual background that led you to work in technology? We want to meet you! Apply now at Petal and discover what the technology industry can do for you.