Paediatricians Can Now Access The Largest Physician Network in Canada

PetalMD is proud to announce a new partnership with the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS). Its 3,360 members are now part of the largest online physician community in Canada and can communicate with a range of family doctors and specialists in every province and territory.

Reach the Right Physician Rapidly

As part of their daily practice, paediatricians need to reach their patient’s main practitioner and other specialists. However, accessing these physicians is a challenge, as they are often not located in the same hospital or part of the same healthcare system. PetalMD offers paediatricians the opportunity to quickly contact the right physician through secure messaging on their smartphone. This not only improves practice efficiency, but leads to better patient coordination and outcomes.

Communicate Efficiently and Securely

For the Executive Director of the CPS, Mrs. Marie-Adele Davis, this is a great platform for her members to have access to tools that will help them become more efficient in their professional practice and, consequently, improve patient care for children.

“We are very pleased that our members now have the ability to communicate securely with 25,000 family physicians and specialists across Canada. We encourage other medical associations to join this free network in order to offer every physician the same privilege that CPS members currently benefit from.”
– Marie-Adele Davis, Executive Director

PetalMD is Present Across Canada

With this partnership, PetalMD is used in every province and territory. Its 25,000 physician-users act as agents of change in the health system in the way they manage their schedules, interact with each other and share secure information.

PetalMD confirme maintenant sa présence dans toutes les provinces et territoires du Canada

About the Canadian Paediatric Society

The Canadian Paediatric Society is the national association of paediatricians, committed to working together to advance the health of children and youth by nurturing excellence in health care, advocacy, education, research and support of its membership. To achieve this mission, the CPS is active in several major areas: professional education, advocacy, public education, research, and many others. Visit for more information.

About PetalMD

PetalMD is Canada’s largest and fastest growing physician-only online community. Founded in 2009, PetalMD offers a complete solution that simplifies scheduling at the department, medical clinic and hospital levels. This includes a scheduling solution for physicians, an online patient booking system and a secure messaging tool that allows for easy and quick communication that is completely secure. We save physician time so they can focus on saving lives.