The Canadian Urological Association Joins the PetalMD Platform

PetalMD is proud to announce a partnership with the Canadian Urological Association (CUA) to help urologists collaborate, improve their productivity, and increase their access to CME training sessions. The CUA joins the ranks of other physician associations who have gone digital, such as the Canadian Paediatric Society and the Quebec Medical Association in an effort to better serve their members by joining the PetalMD platform.

This partnership aligns with PetalMD’s mission to connect medical staff across Canada, allowing urologists in any province to reach each other and collaborate securely via the HIPAA-compliant mobile app.

This partnership allows urologists access to:

A collaboration tool to:

  • send secure messages and documents to GPs and other specialists
  • start group discussions about patients, latest urology developments, and other topics
  • access over 28,000 Canadian physicians

A scheduling tool to:

  • manage physician group schedules
  • centralize shifts at the hospital or clinic on one platform
  • register to events that automatically synchronize to your personal calendar

PetalMD will be joining the CUA members at the 71st annual meeting in Vancouver this June. We are looking forward to this collaboration and to assist urologists across Canada.

About CUA

The Canadian Urological Association is a national member-based organization dedicated to enabling the profession to provide the highest possible standards of urologic care by collaboratively fostering excellence in urologic practice; leading evidence-based clinical practice; providing continuous professional development for Canadian urologists; providing leadership in public education for urological conditions; and representing the Canadian urologic community in relationships with governments as well as national and international medical societies. Visit for more information.

About PetalMD

PetalMD is Canada’s largest and fastest growing medical network. Founded in 2009, PetalMD offers a complete solution that simplifies scheduling at the department, medical clinic and hospital levels. This includes a scheduling solution for physicians, an online patient booking system, and a messaging tool that allows for quick and easy communication that is completely secure. We save physician time so they can focus on saving lives.