PetalMD Partners with the Federation of Medical Women of Canada

PetalMD has partnered with the FMWC in order to work together to improve work-life balance for physicians.

PetalMD’s partnership with the FMWC

In the common effort to help the personal and professional advancement of women physicians, PetalMD has partnered with the FMWC. PetalMD is committed to helping physicians take control of their time so they can focus on their patients.

As an effective scheduling tool, PetalMD can support the FMWC’s work by helping women physicians achieve better work-life balance. Helping them manage their schedules and communication efforts will allow them to be more efficient and gain precious time.

Why the partnership makes sense

  • Work-life Balance: as the partnership’s common goal, this will allow women physicians to have access to solutions and strategies to live a more balanced life.
  • Time-savings: with a scheduling tool that allows for better efficiency at the individual and group level, women physicians will have more time to focus on their personal and professional lives.
  • Communications: access to secure messaging allows FMWC members to increase the effectiveness of their communication efforts with their colleagues. PetalMD’s platform also allows access to CME and direct communications from the FMWC.

First initiative: work-life balance survey

The first project put forth by the partnership consists of a survey to document how physician women go about balancing their work and personal lives. The results will lead to a best-practice document, providing physicians with alternatives and solutions to everyday work-life balance struggles.

The partnership was announced at the FMWC General Meeting in Toronto, where PetalMD presented a recurrent and increasingly present issue: physician burnout.

The research and findings of the presentation can be found in the article Avoid Physician Burnout; Take Control of Your Schedule.

About FMWC

The Federation of Medical Women of Canada is a national organization that connects women physicians. Their mission is to advance the social, professional and personal lives of women physicians across Canada. Their well-being has been their top priority for over 100 years. With a goal of impacting healthcare, the FMWC seeks to be the hub of networking and professional development for Canadian women physicians. Visit for more information.

About PetalMD

PetalMD is Canada’s largest and fastest growing physician-only online community. Founded in 2009, PetalMD offers a complete solution that simplifies scheduling at the department, medical clinic and hospital levels. This includes a scheduling solution for physicians, an online patient booking system and a secure messaging tool that allows for easy and quick communication that is completely secure. We save physician time so they can focus on saving lives.