The Planning Tool Has a New Interface | Scheduling Software

Schedule planners, this news is for you! PetalMD has just launched an updated planning tool that make it more convenient and functional.

Schedule Planning Tool

PetalMD’s planning tool supports physician group planners in their task of creating schedules for their department, hospital or clinic.

Created for physicians, this unique tool:

  • Compiles physician absences and non-availabilities;
  • Allows you to easily assign a shift;
  • Analyzes your shift assignments to ensure there are no conflicts and that equity and availabilities are respected;
  • Publishes the schedule to all physicians in the group;
  • Provides a real-time view of the group schedule, even seconds after a shift trade is made.

The algorithms behind the scheduling solutions eases the work of planners and allows them to save time in the creation of their group schedules.

Moreover, 33% of our emergency department users now plan two scheduled timeframes instead of one in the same amount of time.

Convenient, Aesthetic and Functional Changes

The changes that were made are related to the planning tool interface. They were not put in place to add properties that complexify the process, but rather put forth as functional improvements to those already in place.

Thanks to the numerous changes made in the planning tool, the navigation was greatly improved. A new colour code allows for a better global vision of the schedule that is being created. It also contributes to a better understanding of where one is in terms of equity and misplacement of shift assignments. These aspects are all visible at a glance.

The various newly retractable tables allow the planner to highlight what he needs to create his schedule. He can also make what he feels is not useful disappear momentarily. It allows the user to manage his own work space and make it as productive as possible according to his specific needs.

planner equity schedule

A Tool Made For Planners

With the feedback of PetalMD users, our team was able to create a tool closer to the needs and reality of planners. Overall, the improvement of the planning tool interface provides an enhanced experience that will enable them to reduce the time spent on this task and to work even more effectively.

Want to know more? Download the case study here and see how Hôpital Montfort benefited from a hospital-wide scheduling solution.

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